Masters Athletics

Masters Athletics is classed as athletics for participants over the age of 35.

Masters Athletics is a great way to stay in shape and gain the mental health benefits of an active lifestyle, past what might be considered the prime physical years of your life.  Masters Athletics might be as simple as being a regular walker or swimmer, or it might mean participating in endurance running like half marathons and marathons well into your 40s, 50s and beyond.

Typically, masters athletics is divided into five year age gaps, so each category jumps from 35-40-45-50 and so on.

Masters Athletics Oldest Competitor
Hidekichi Miyazaki, who completed the 100m in 42.22 seconds in 2015, at age 105.

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Masters Athletics Australia

Masters Athletes Excelled!

Each and every Masters Athlete shows sustained commitment across a range of disciplines.  It is really encouraging to see for myself how personal pain is overcome by so many outstanding individuals.    There is no easy way to become a regular attendee at a Masters Athletics event other than hard work and dedication.

Australian Masters Athletics

Masters Athletics

The World Masters Athletics have a series of international events.  People of all ages and abilities travel across the globe to meet and compete.  It is thrilling to see each competitor take place in an event – understanding the sheer guts and determination that has gone into making the appearance.

Master Athletics Awards

Women Australian Master Athletics

Masters Athletics Australia is entirely encouraging participation over competition.  It truly can be a challenge not to feel the heat of wanting to win when just being there is enough.  My own personal observation is that so many of my old friends have passed on, or have long term injuries, or health issues – so being able to stand alongside each other at the starting blocks is an achievement in itself.

Let’s celebrate our unity of being fit and even “alive” and able to share the joy of competition.  That’s what master’s Athletics is all about to me.


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